August Achievements


The following members have achieved the following accomplishments during the month of August:
Spencer Bourque: Firefighter 1  Academy & SVFD Jump Seat Qualification
Alex Kindred:        Firefighter 1 Academy & SVFD Jump Seat Qualification, EMS Aider
Lisa Peterson:       Firefighter 1 Academy & SVFD  Jump Seat Qualification
Max Heineken:     Firefighter 1 Academy & SVFD  Jump Seat Qualification
Zachary Yoder:     Firefighter 1 Academy &SVFD   Jump Seat Qualification
Kain McAfee:        Firefighter 1 Academy & SVFD  Jump Seat Qualification
Sam Hatfield:        SVFD Jump Seat Qualification, Medic Driver
Joshua Teetsel: Alaska Firefighther 1 Certification
Connor Dayton: Engine 64, Driver Status
Allen Williams: Engine 64 & 65, Driver Status
Noah Hamm: Engine 65, Driver Status and EMT II
Cody Carlson: Engine 65
Austin Heineken: Engine 65, Driver Status
Madison Wilson: Medic Driver
Please join us in congratulating our folks.
Thank you to everyone who helped with their training, testing and check-offs.

One thought on “August Achievements

  1. Congratulations to my Son Joshua Teetsel on his accomplishments and on being appointed to the Fort Wainwright Fire Department. Carrying on a Family Tradition.I’m so proud of him.

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