Job Announcement – Assistant Fire Chief

Join our Team. Under the general direction and supervision of the Deputy Fire Chief, the primary duties of the Assistant Fire Chief shall be:
1) Responsible for the efficient management and implementation of department EMS & FIRE training programs for career and volunteer staff members. This position reports directly to the Deputy Fire Chief.
2) Responsible for the oversite of the recruitment and retention program of all member classifications.
3) Duties include administrative, supervisory, staff training, instructing, technical fire and emergency service duties at all levels encompassing emergency response, participate in Battalion Chief Coverage, hands-on fire ground, EMS and rescue activities, and serve as Incident Commander when needed. The Assistant Chief shall serve as an example in teaching, coaching and mentoring of all personnel.
4) Maintain physical fitness to perform arduous emergency scene duties.

The job closes December 7, 2018.

Assistant Fire Chief Full Job Description

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