Engine 61

Engine 62

Our department operates two frontline engines. Engine 61 is a 2020 Pierce Enforcer with 750 gallons of water, a 1500gpm pump and seating for four. Engine 62 is a 2008 KME  Severe Service with 1000 gallons of water, a 1500gpm pump and seating for six. Both engines are equipped with extrication equipment for motor vehicle accidents in addition to a standard complement of hose, nozzles, appliances, and hand tools.


Tender 61

Tender 62

Tender 63

Tenders are our primary water supply apparatus.  Because our response area is not serviced by fire hydrants, we have to bring all of our water to a fire scene. These tenders carry 3000 gallons of water and have 1000gpm pumps. These tenders are also equipped with air packs, hand tools, ladders, and scene lighting.


Medic 61

Medic 62

Medic 61 and Medic 62 are four wheel drive equipped Type I ambulances. Through a contract with the Fairbanks North Star Borough, our department is responsible for providing advanced life support level care to 2500 square miles of the northern part of the Borough.


Brush 61

Brush 62

Squad 61

Squad 62

Brush trucks and squad trucks are one half or three quarter ton pickup trucks, specially outfitted for emergency response. Squads are open bed pickups used for transporting additional personnel to calls, classes or trainings, and to transport gear and equipment back to the station after a call. Brush trucks are equipped with skid units in the summertime, allowing them to function as type 6 engines for wildland firefighting. In the wintertime, brush trucks are equipped with plows to maintain the fire station driveways and to assist other apparatus in reaching tough to access areas.


Rescue 62 is a 2004 KME Predator with a 1000 gallon water tank, a 1500gpm pump and seating for four. Rescue 62 is equipped with a full complement of extrication tools and low angle rescue equipment. Rescue 62 is able to leave the fire district as needed, such as for motor vehicle accidents on the Steese and Elliott Highways. Rescue 62 can also be placed into service as a spare engine if either of the frontline apparatus are removed from service.


The Department operates three command vehicles: a 2013 Ford F-150, a 2017 Ford Explorer, and a 2018 Ford F-150. These vehicles are assigned as: on-duty battalion chief’s vehicle, fire chief’s take home vehicle, and deputy chief’s take home vehicle, respectively. Each vehicle is set up for command functions in addition to being equipped with basic life support medical gear and traffic control equipment.