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 How To Become A Student or Scholarship Firefighter

Do you want a career in emergency services? Are you self-disciplined, responsible and focused? Do you have room for growth in a fast-paced and ever-changing career? The Steese Volunteer and University Fire Departments have developed a joint firefighter recruitment process for 2018. The consortium is designed specifically for scholarship firefighters and student firefighters looking to combine real on the job experience with their college education at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. The consortium simplifies the process for future students and is a more efficient method for both organizations. One application will apply for either or both departments, depending on your preference.

Student & Scholarship firefighters are required to:

  • Maintain 12 credit hours per semester with a grade point average of 2.00 or better;
  • Work up to 56 hours per week on rotating 24-hour shifts;
  • Maintain a satisfactory driving and criminal record, and;
  • Meet the department’s ongoing performance and conduct standards.

Student/Scholarship firefighters are expected to develop a personal academic plan and obtain a degree before applying for career positions.

Follow these steps to become the next student firefighter at Steese Volunteer Fire Department:

We are currently reworking the application process if you have any specific questions please contact either department directly (please see below for contact information.)  We will be reopening the recruitment process of January 2019

Steese VFD Scholarship Program Benefits:

The scholarship award covers the following expenses through a per semester reimbursement program:

  • 12 credit hours (Alaska Resident Rate)
  • University Fees
  • Course/Material Fees
  • Textbooks
  • Parking Fee:
  • Meals

Scholarship firefighters are responsible for school expenses up front each semester and will be reimbursed after meeting the eligibility requirements. The current reimbursement rate is $6900 per semester.

A fire department dorm room will be provided free of charge (dependent on availability.)

SVFD Scholarship FAQ

For more information, contact Office Manager Samara Steele at 907-457-3710 or by Email

University FD  Program Benefits:

The University Fire Department is nationally-known as the only program of its kind where:

  • Students can earn a paycheck ($18,000 to $25,000 per year.)
  • Respond to actual emergencies as a certified fire fighter and emergency medical technician
  • Earn a college degree.
  • 90% of our program alumni in recent years have successful careers in emergency services throughout Alaska and the other United States.
  • Fire hall dorm rooms are available (dependent on availability) with a semester-based fee and are less expensive compared to other campus housing options.

For more information, contact Office Manager Kalen Middleton at 907-474-5770 or by Email