Volunteer Program


Becoming a volunteer member with the Steese Volunteer Fire Department is an important decision that needs to be well thought out. Our recruitment for volunteers places considerable emphasis on individuals who are pursuing a career in emergency services. Hence, our department operates much like a career department to prepare individuals for full-time employment.

Some of our current volunteers do not seek careers in the emergency services. Still, they understand that they can be no less committed to their shifts training, emergency response, daily chores, and staffing than those on their shift working towards a career.

The requirements for our volunteer members are as follows;

  • Attend Recruit Class with 100% attendance and completion of all skills.
  • 24 hours minimum, of participation with your assigned shift, per month.
  • Class B uniforms are worn when you are on duty.
  • Train with your shift to develop teamwork and proficiency.
  • Pass the Physical Ability test each year and maintain your physical fitness. Firefighter/EMS Physical Ability Test Guidelines
  • Respond to general recall regardless of whether it’s your shift or not.
  • Continually progress in certifications and developing your operational knowledge and skills.

    If you feel that you can fulfill these obligations, please continue with the application process.


    The applicant must complete the Steese Application Paper application can be picked up at Station 61, 800 William C. Leary Lane, Fairbanks, AK 99712

    A background check will be performed.

    Once the background check results are received, an oral interview will be scheduled and performed.

    The candidate will be assigned recruit training courses in our online training program, TargetSolutions.

    After all the recruit task book courses have been completed, the candidate will be assigned to a shift and start their in-person training.

    A physical ability test must be passed during the candidate’s initial training and then passed annually afterward.

    Please familiarize yourself with the Firefighter/EMS Physical Ability Test Guidelines.

    For more information, contact Deputy Chief David Daniell at 907-457-5861 or Office Manager Samara Steele at 907-987-7054 by Email.